Here Is The Hilarious Experience Which The Late Prince Shared With Jimmy Fallon

In today’s world where we live in the age of information, it’s quite impossible for a celebrity to live a life of secrecy. It’s quite easy to find anything about a celebrity’s private life using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or the numerous celebrity magazines that peddle gossips. However, as impossible as it may sound, there are some who have managed to live a semblance of a secret life. Yes, they have managed to do so in this day and age because they are human like all of us.

They too have some stories that are known only within their closest circles. These are the boring stories or moments at the grocery store, or the embracing moments with their spouses that have stayed hidden because they are still together.  The late and great Prince was a truly great person. We all knew if he had the opportunity, he had the capacity to tell great stories for hours on end.

In honor of this great rock star, Jimmy Fallon recounted one of the most hilarious encounters during his show’s monologue. Whether or not you are his fan, you will admit this was one of his greatest. Take a look and be sure to watch it all and enjoy his re-enacts of special moments with his hands. It’s priceless.

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