Here’s A Social Experiment That Will Shock You. Get Ready!

We love kids, don’t we?

So would you help a lost child on the streets? Well, DennisCeeTV conducted this experiment, and what happened is bound to leave you with a ‘what!’ look.

This team took a smart little girl to the streets of New York. She had to act homeless and ask for help from the passersby. The fact is, and it shown clearly in the video, there’re a lot of people out there who would just pass by a homeless kid and extend no help at all. Some of them don’t even believe she’s homeless!

Now, imagine if that was real? However, some good people give her some help. But what happens at the end of the video is something that can only be described as both scary and shocking.

Some parents warm their kids not to engage too much with strangers, but when a child is lost or homeless in a big city like New York, the story changes.

Be sure to watch the whole clip and see what happens in the end. Drop a comment and SHARE this on Facebook so people, especially good parents, can warn their children. Some people are just so mean!

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