Here’s The Guy Who Stole Sting’s Show. See How He Did It. My Heart Is Stolen!

Remember Sting, the incredible singer from the band, The Police? Well, the good man did something back in 2011, and one of the people with him brought the world to its knees!

We’re talking about this one time when Sting was celebrating his 60th birthday, and he invited various singers to do some songs with him on the stage. The likes of Lady Gaga, Billy Joel, and even Bruce Springsteen – they were there. But there’s one guy who did things in a big way!

So Sting did the deed of inviting Robert Downey Jr. over to the stage. They were to do a duet of the lovely song, “Driven To Tears.” At first, Robert is a little nervous. He really isn’t in the mood to spoil Sting’s birthday with a bad performance, so he gathers himself and opens his mouth. You’ll never believe it!

You really can’t miss this. They two are perfect in their doings. Watch and listen to just how Robert works his voice into that tweak that almost matches Sting. I love this!

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