Here’s The Heroic Teen That Risked His Life To Help A Woman In Trouble. He’s Brave!!

His father was a medic serving with the Army, and if this teen has learned anything from him, it’s that he should help those in trouble in times of crises. But Daniel Wesley, 17, never really figured how tough the situation would be if he happened to help someone in dire need. When the moment came, his reflexes were “well nurtured.”

One day, Wesley was going about his business when he suddenly spotted a woman getting shoved off a vehicle. The woman, April Peck, had been shot and fatally wounded. Wesley’s reaction was to rush over and help the shooting victim, but then it happened that the gunman wasn’t gone yet. The criminal shot Wesley for helping the dying woman. He also ran over his legs with the car and broke them.

While in the hospital, the suspect’s cousin heard about it and came to visit Wesley, and the teen welcomed her well.  But it’s sad that the shooting victim succumbed to her injuries. However, Wesley had done all he could. He even scored a visit from the Governor of Louisiana. Such a nice young man!

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