Here’s The Little Norwegian Girl Who Stole The Show In America. She’s Too Great!

You’ll agree that not everyone gets to land an invite from Steve Harvey. Only the best. Now, Steve invited this one little lady here, and the experience was breath-taking, to say the least!

Now, Angelina Jordan may be a 10-year-old, but she’s the talented singer who actually took the top spot in Norway’s Got Talent. That’s no small feat, right? Now, Angelina is about to wow you even some more on Steve’s show. Sit back and wait for this!

The moment she steps into the stage, no one expects this lady can actually pull a crowd along with her, but wait till she opens that small mouth. The cutie decides to take on the popular hit by Frank Sinatra, “Fly Me To The Moon,” and you won’t have trouble deciding that she’s really giving it her all. At the 2:52, she pulls a pitch that’ll have you raising your voice in applause! I love this one!

Go ahead and click “play” on this cool video and watch as Angelina takes the whole audience into the palm of her hand. Not even Steve can manage to act “not-moved” by this. You must SHARE this!

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