Here’s The Strange Photo That Has Everyone Scratching Their Heads. How Many Do You See?

Photographers can be some really creative people. We’ve come across many photos taken from particular angles and we just can’t understand them. Well, you should know that these kind of strange things never end. We now have another one that has threatened to boil over everyone’s brains. People just can’t get it!

It’s a photo taken by photographer Tiziana Vergari. It shows a number of girls sitting in a row. Some are looking to the front will others face the opposite direction. Now the challenge is to determine the number of girls in the photo. Everyone is giving their figure: 9,8, 6, 5, 3, 10, etc. But the correct answer will unhook you!

Tiziana has two daughters. When people started commenting with all manner of wrong answers, Tiziana came out and told them the answer that left people dumbfounded. Turns out, this is a photo of just two girls – her daughters in a mirror reflection!


This is just amazing. You might want to check it out in the video here and do your own “wrong estimate.” If you like it, be sure to SHARE it on Facebook and have your buddies scratch their heads over it!

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