Here’s The Young Man That Made A Judge Cry. This Is Deeply Touching. I Feel It!

When you talk about the X Factor, you talk about a tough competition that only the best of the best gets to go anywhere, meaning that the judges are not only strict but also very impartial. Sometimes some of them are even seen as cold personalities because they don’t mince their words or reactions to any performance.

However, it’s really unexpected when a judge starts shedding tears just because someone performed a song, but you’ll agree this one was really justified.

So this 21-year-old guy, Josh Daniels, comes onto the stage and performs “Jealous” by Labrinth. If you know that song, you’ll understand how touching those lyrics and tone can be to a Judge who just lost his mom. Simon Cowell’s mom passed a few just days prior to that epic performance. She was 89.

Josh decided to do that song as a dedication to his dear friend who passed away in 2013, and he did it in such a way that moved so many people. In fact, the judges couldn’t hold it back.

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