Heroic Mom Decided To Do This To Save Her Child’s Life At Birth. Bless Her!

Karisa Bugal was expectant. She and her hubby awaited the surprise of their lives. They loved the kid already. But then something happened and threatened to end their happiness.

During birth, Karisa was found to have a very rare condition that – amniotic fluid embolism – in which the amniotic fluid mixes with the mother blood. It’s fatal, and in most cases, the mothers don’t survive the birth. Karisa had to make a decision!

She had to choose between a C-section with anesthesia in which she was likely to die, and a C-section without anesthesia in which the child was likely to die. Either way, one of them was in danger. What this mom chose will shock you!

She went for the anesthesia! She wanted her kid to survive. Were it not for her bold decision, Declan would have died at birth, but he survived. His mom decided that. However, she passed away soon after the surgery.

This mother made a great sacrifice. She deserves respect and recognition. She’s a true hero. Please watch this and SHARE on Facebook!

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