He’s Holding A Monkey. Now See What He Does When A Hyena Comes Along And Intrudes. This Is Just Nuts!

Hyenas are really mysterious. These animals are related to both viverrids and felines, but when they start behaving, they act much like canines. Just like a canine, a hyena catches its prey with its teeth rather than its claws.

Now, this video has surfaced, and it’s one of those clips that you watch and think that whoever recorded it was just nuts. Imagine this: a boy is holding a monkey, and then a hyena come over and wants to attack. Another guy has a camera, and instead of rushing to help fend off the attacker, he gets busy with his camera trained on the other guy to capture the “episode!”

However, the boy with the monkey isn’t stupid, and he thinks up plan fast enough to scare off the hyena before it pounces. But it’s the kind of plan he comes up with that’ll shock you. Did you expect that?

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