He’s Performing A C-Section On A Mom, And Then The Baby Does This To Him… I’m Breathless!

When Alicia and Randy Atkins went in to have a baby, they had no idea what their soon-to-be-delivered kid was planning from the comfort of her mom’s belly. That’s until the doctor was in the middle of the C-Section when the kid started the mission. Now this will steal your heart right now!

At one point, the doctor turned and called Randy. The baby was doing something that had gotten the doctor interested. Randy couldn’t help it. He had to capture this, so he whipped out his camera and captured the image that so many organizations are now scrambling for. You must want to see it!

Turns out, the child was reaching out from the womb and trying to grab the doctor’s hand! To celebrate this new life, the couple named their baby, Nevaeh – that’s heaven spelled backwards. Now that’s creative!

The photo went on to garner over 1,000 likes on Facebook, and various organizations are now forwarding their offers to buy it. It’s that fascinating!

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