He’s Shaking, Shy And Looks Discouraged Before A Big Crowd. But When He Starts The Vocals, You’ll Scream!

Sometimes we just need a little push to make a break-through.

That’s exactly what one Christopher Maloney needed. You see, Chris always loved singing, and he knew he had a great voice, but he never gathered enough courage to showcase his talent in public. And then his Grandpa died.

At the funeral, a beautiful song was put on. It was Bette Midler’s “The Rose,” and it really reached out to Maloney’s heart. That changed his life.

So Chris moved in with his Grandma to help her out after the Grandpa passed away, and that proved to be the best decision he ever made, as it went as far as turning things around for him forever. The feeling he got at the funeral was still with him, so Chris decided enough was enough. He wasn’t going to remain scared of public scrutiny forever, and with the help of his cool grandma, he mustered enough courage to enter the X Factor UK Competition. You won’t believe this.

In this video, you get to see Chris’s performance at the show. He wanted to sing “The Rose.” At first, he was shy and shaken. When he started his thing, everyone went wild, and even the Judges couldn’t believe it!

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