High School Football Team Has A Surprise For Their Cheerleader Battling Leukemia. It’s Emotional!

Family entails more than sharing the same blood and genes.

A high school football team in California paid an emotional tribute to one of the “family” members before a match. The “family “member, Ashley Adamietz, was diagnosed with leukemia. Ashley is a cheerleader of the Palo Cedro‘s Foothill High School football team. Ashley has been undergoing daily chemotherapy since her diagnosis in August.

The 57 players placed orange roses on her feet as a symbol for leukemia awareness,  before running off the first game of the season.

Additionally, the fans cheered and band members banged on the drums.  The sweet gesture from the players left Ashley speechless and overwhelmed.

The video has since gone viral. Watch the emotional video below. What did you think of the kind act from the school’s football team? I almost cried after watching. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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