His Baby Was Crawling On The Floor When The Puppy Did This….The Dad Is Cracking Up!

Put a baby and a puppy on the floor. Now, let them do an exchange. Priceless!

Not many videos get viewed over 8 million times, but that has happened for this video because Sophie and Wicket are in a conversation!

Puppy Wicket and Baby Sophie are both on the floor, and Sophie crawls over to Wicket in need of a good heart-to-heart chat…And Wicket is also in the mood!

The family happened to be around, so they captured this great moment that will last ages. You can even hear the dad failing to hold back the laughter in the background!

It’s a fact that when a baby happens to meet a dog, people just love it, like when a certain pit bull, Buddy, got an unending urge to kiss a baby! More so, nothing is more impressive than watching a newborn animal having a moment with a baby!

Watching these two young creatures duke it out, you’ll have a rough time deciding on the cutter one. Getting a chance to capture such a memorable moment on camera is a true blessing to this family. These two really have a great life ahead!

Watch them whisper and tell us what you think…And SHARE the clip too!


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