His Brain Occupied Just 5% Of His Skull. Then Things Changed 20 Months Later. Watch!

Parents are always known and respected for their unconditional love. You can always count on your mom and dad to support you in whatever situation, good or bad. Even at your lowest moment when your friends are deserting you, your parents will always remain at your side. It’s such kind of love that could change things in a really great way, and this story has some prove.

When he was born, doctors ran some tests on Parker and realized that his brain occupied only 5% of his skull. For a normal newborn, it should be around 95%, and that meant that Parker was born with a very serious and potentially fatal brain condition. His parents were sad.

However, his parents never left his side, as he underwent surgery after surgery to drain off the fluid from the skull and create some space for his brain, and then they took him home and cared for him. The hospital staff, too, was like his own family. They loved and took care of him. After 20 months, things have completely changed!

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