His Little Sister Was Having A Temper Tantrum, What He Asked Her Is So Hilarious!! LOL!!

When you are very exhausted and cranky you can’t help but bursting into tears. In these trying times, the last thing you’d expect is your own brother calling you out on how tired you look.

The video captures a funny conversation between a brother and his little sister at dinner table. The little girl was having a crying fit about something, but her big brother has no patience for all this drama. It took him only 13 seconds to say what this little girl’s mother was probably thinking. The older boy turned to his little sister and asked her if she had a nap today. When his sister responded that she hadn’t, he cut straight to the chase, saying: ‘You need one.’ in the most hilarious way possible.

These kids are not only totally cute, but they also clearly love to take care of each other!

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