His Own Lyrics Made Him Shed Tears On ‘X Factor,’ No Wonder!

You are assured of witnessing incredible talent whenever you attend shows such as America’s Got Talent and The X Factor.

Such shows also provide contestants with a platform to share their backstory with the entire world. Normally, most of them must have experienced tough times.

Christian Furrows, a 19-year old was one of those who made it to The X Factor’s audition stage. He revealed to judge Simon Cowell that Ed Sheeran was the performer behind his inspiration. That is when Simon revealed that as a successful singer, Ed is a writer, singer and performer of his songs.

Once he had finished performing, he had another song. He said it was a song dedicated to the death of his brother. Since Simon knew it will end up being an emotional moment, he asked him if was prepared to sing it as well.

By the time he was through with the song, everyone in the room was in tears. You have to keep on watching and see how Judge Nicole Scherzinger reacted. Don’t skip watching the clip below.

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