His Packages Were Constantly Stolen, So He Put Some Dog Poop Into A Box And Waited- Unbelievable!

Victor, who is well known as The Spaceman is already tired with the annoying act whereby individuals steal his stuffs- almost four times this year alone. Following this, Victor has been forced to set up a sign. The sign aims at begging any delivery company and mailman to avoid leaving packages on his porch since constant thieves are available.

However, even after the sign, the situation deteriorated, and in a bid to curb the situation, victor decided to set up a hidden camera. Through the camera, he would identify the faces of the constant thieves, and further send their pictures to the police. What! Even this didn’t work out. So victor decides to go a step further and set up a little and intelligent prank-let’s see how.

Victor decided to put the dog poop in a box, then leave it on the porch and finally see whether the thief would take it. Victor had gotten the dog poop when he was in his backyard after he realized that his own pet dog had left a poop piece behind.

Amazingly, a thief spotted the stinky package, and as usual, walked right away to steal the package. Although Victor yelled at the woman, the woman didn’t stop at it and walked with the package to the car. Victor was able to capture the woman’s picture, sent them to the cops. On the other hand, the woman learnt a smelly lesson concerning stealing- ooh this cracked my rib!

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