His Smile Is As Big As His Heart. Not Even Autism Could Prevent Him From Saving Life!

In the right circumstances, everyone of us can be a hero, as they say, we all have a potential to do good work. This is why the mental picture we always have of a hero is wrong. It only takes the right action and attitude to save a person’s life. The following story is about a man from Ohio, who made a call that saved a young boy’s life.

The man in question is Aaaron Cahal, he is not able to talk, so he communicates by texting. You will mostly find him on social media. One day, on mother’s day, he heard someone scream. He was in the backyard at the time. This scream touched his heart; he knew someone needed urgent help. So he did something to help. He took a photo of the area and sent it to the police with a message alerting them of the screams.

The screaming that Aaron heard was from the family of an 18 old baby who had fallen into a swimming pool. The police managed to figure out the location of Aaron’s neighborhood from the post he sent them. This action saved the boy’s life.

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