His Son Just Saw Him For The First Time. This Soldier’s Reaction Is So Touching!

When Reagan Caldwell was born, he couldn’t see clearly, and that meant he couldn’t recognize people properly. His dad, Brandon Caldwell, works with the US Air Force. When the kid hit just 9 months of age, the dad was deployed on a mission. But he didn’t expect things to change so fast by the time he got back!

Well, that’s until the military guy returned home from his mission and got the surprise of his life. As young as he was, Reagan was now wearing glasses, and that meant that he could now get to look and actually see his dad for the very first time. You won’t believe what that did to the “old” man!

Luckily, someone made the “arrangements” to capture this epic moment that’s now making people talk. The man couldn’t hold himself together. Watch the clip and see what happened. You can be sure that by the time you’re through, you’ll be in much need of some tissues too. This is so emotional!

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