His Wife Is Very Sick, And Then He Does This To Her On Their Anniversary. Perfect!

People in love often find themselves doing the craziest things for each other. Something about love and relationships is that the lovebirds are always ready to sacrifice everything for each other’s happiness. If you think such true love went extinct, you might want to change your mind after watching this!

For a cool 20 years, Scott Chafian was married to Cindy. As you would expect, wedding anniversaries come with gifts dished out between the partners. But Scott isn’t the guy to bring roses and jewelry to an ailing wife.

For the last 2 years, Cindy had been suffering from a kidney problem. One of her kidneys had already been removed, and the send one was about to shut down. She was only surviving off dialysis sessions, and it wasn’t easy. One their anniversary, Scott made up his dear mind about something. He decided to give his lovely wife one of his own kidneys!

The doctors checked him up and found a match, and now they call it a miracle. You just have to watch this video and get the full story.

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