Homecoming King Refuses The Crown And Hands It To Another Student. Why? So Touching!

After a contest was held at a high school back in 2013, Jesse Cooper, a senior student won the title for the Homecoming King. He was the favorite of the two other students of his class named Zeke and Drew. Surprisingly enough, Jesse never accepted the crown. The three students had agreed that whoever who was to emerge the winner was to hand the crown to a student called Scotty.

The time the competition was on, Scotty Maloney was still a junior at a school called Unionville Community High School in Unionville, Tennessee. Scotty was born with Williams Syndrome. This is a neurological disorder which prevents one to speak well and learn too. But on the other hand, the condition makes one become very friendly and joyful. Everyone in the school knew Scotty to be a joy bringer.

The reason as to why the three boys wanted Scotty to have the crown was for him to feel that he was very important to everyone the way he was. Jesse confessed that he was that somebody who had been blessed a lot and he wanted Scotty to feel good while still at high school.

When time to hand the crown came, everyone knew what was going to happen because the principal informed them.

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