Homeless People Get Surprised When They Are Offered More Than What They Expected…

Life of living in the streets is pretty hard and I never wish anyone to experience it one day. It is simply summarized to be nothing by a total struggle from Monday to Monday. Just to do something that would raise the homeless to keep on struggling and never losing hope in life, Mediocre Films decided to do something memorable to them.

They invited all the homeless people in California and took them to have a meal. When they thought that was it, they were surprised that there was more that day than just eating. From the dining room, they were taken to another room where they were given a total makeover. For the men, they had their heads and beards shaven. The women had their hair styled up and nails painted.

At the end of the makeover, there was an option of getting a massage for whoever felt like, and finished by letting then shop freely from the clothes they had for them at the center. All the homeless people were very grateful for the services they were offered, which made them have a fresh start.

It may be that the makeover and clothes are no big deal for these people, but surely the result is just so pleasing.

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