Homeless Woman Learns To Read From An Unlikely Personal Trainer – We Need More Of It!

Hybrid Athletes LLC’s founder, Smith from Orlando, Florida, credits his parent for the resources they committed to help him pursue his dreams. As he went to work every day, he saw this homeless woman. She wasn’t one to beg for money; instead she would offer a warm polite greeting.

A couple of weeks later, he began sitting down with the woman, Amy Jo. He learnt that she was a nice simple woman who has had it rough than most of us. Soon, they started meeting for lunch every week. They would sit down, unlikely as it may seem and enjoy lunch together.

That was until a week ago when Amy dropped a bomb shell on Greg that changed their life forever. Greg shared it on FaceBook, “Last week, I kind of got a bombshell from Amy Jo…” His story of what transpired quickly went viral. He is now receiving messages of gratitude for people around the world. He is getting his full reward for what he did for Amy Joe.

Watch to learn what Amy Jo shared with him. It is so touching. No wonder he is receiving so much gratitude from both friends and strangers.

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