Hostile Elk Confronts A Photographer. Next? I Didn’t Expect This!

Let’s talk about something.

Say, you’re just going about your business, but then you ran into a situation in which your immediate reaction determines the outcome. For example, you just ran into an aggressive animal, but not really dangerous, but you still want to stay around the creature, what do you do? Well, here’s a smart guy that’s about to teach you something really crazy!

In the video, this photographer is taking photos when this elk comes along and decides to taunt him a little. Being a smart person, this guy knows that taking to his heels is counterproductive in such a scenario, so he resorts to the most rational reaction. I’ve never thought of this!

If you ask, I’d say bolting out would be the first thought in my mind in such a situation, but this photographer doesn’t even seem bothered by the elk’s aggression. He just sits there and shields himself a little. The results are amazing, and you surely must want to witness!

Check out the video to the end and love this. If you think this guy is smart, SHARE on Facebook and let your buddies learn something too!

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