How A Regular Customer’s Life Was Saved By A Manager From Domino’s

The man had regularly ordered pizza from Domino’s for almost a decade. He had been one of those people, who other than when getting food and maybe helping out, they keep to themselves no friend whatsoever. When the Domino’s manager, Sarah, noted that he had not ordered for pizza in quite a while, she decided to check on the last date he had made an order. The last order he made one was 11 days ago. She felt that maybe something was wrong somewhere. So she decided to send one of the delivery workers to his place and to check on him.

When the worker got to his place, the lights were on and the TV could be heard as well. However, no one answered the door while the calls went straight to voicemail. That’s when she made the decision to call 911.

The police came and when they listened closely they could hear him calling for help from inside. They immediately called for medical help and the man is now in a stable condition. The action of the fast food workers saved this man’s life. Watch and SHARE this kind act of love and care from the Domino’s fast food workers.

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