How About A Statue That Comes Alive? And What If That Statue Is The Terminator? Watch This!

Wax statues…

These waxing tricks have really overtaken the people’s imagination. Today, you can bump into a wax statue of a celebrity or some other person you know and find yourself extending a greeting hand.

The statues are created in such a creative way that they look almost exactly like the real person. You might think they’re a lookalike.

But fear is in humanity’s nature, and some people imagine that apocalyptic scenario whereby statues and even pictures get some life and chase the heck out of people. That’s really freaks people out, you bet.

But perhaps the closest we got to this kind of scenario is when Arnold Schwarzenegger, the starring in the Terminator movie, decided to prank a few people. He went into a popular wax museum and posed as a wax statue. Then he did something that got everyone shocked.

He became the terminator!

The initial reaction of those people is just priceless, and the cool thing about it all is that Arnold was actually doing this for charity. Really cool guy, this terminator.

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