How Did The Squirrel Manage To Get Drunk? I’m Speechless!

Have you ever come a across a drunk squirrel? Well, you now have one within this clip. To be precise, he ate far too many crab apples which are fermented and as a result he’s really drunk. He reminds me of those people who drink until they stagger while walking. This squirrel is in that bracket since he’s not able to make the right movements through the snow.

He is really intoxicated. Any attempts, he tries to make, he appears to be dancing to some strange tune. According to one commentator, over-ripe veggies and fruits are normally broken down into alcohol by a process known as fermentation. This is quite normal and most animals enjoy eating such foods the same way human beings enjoy taking mixed drinks. If any animal takes many ripe crab apples, they end up fermenting its stomach. This squirrel is in that condition!

When I watched this, I felt like getting him some Advil and a glass of water.  I really felt sorry for the poor animal. Who wonder how it feels like to climb a tree when you are really drunk! A drunkard who has been there before can tell you how hard it is (particularly when it’s the first time you are finding yourself in that condition.)

After some sleep, the squirrel was able to return to its stable condition!

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