How Doctors Used Polio Virus To Treat Brain Tumor – It’s Real!

Stephanie Lipscomb, a 20 year-old nursing student, started getting severe headaches every day. That’s when she decided to see a doctor. She was given an MRI brain scan. What the doctor saw changed her life forever. She had a tumor as large as a tennis ball. The news hit her hard, she had hoped to care for others, but now she was the one being cared for.

She started her chemotherapy treatment. After a while, the tumor reduced by 98%. Her prospects were looking good. That’s when the doctors gave her a choice to try a new form of treatment; a polio injection. This treatment had never been tried before, but with certain death waiting, she deiced to give it a try. There was no prior evidence indicating it could work.

The doctors had no assurances what so ever. They just hoped that it would work. In the next 21 months, the tumor continuously shrank till the cancer was gone. The polio virus started attacking the cancer cells which kick started the immune system to do the rest? Her MRI shows nothing is left, except for the hole from a previous surgery. It was nothing short of a miracle.

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