Husband And Wife Are Out Dancing, Then The Wife Makes A Silly Move… So Funny!

We are always advised to marry people we truly love so that we will always enjoy the rest of our lives. In the clip below, we meet an adorable couple that is about to take dinner, but as they are about to do it, their favorite song starts playing on radio.

When that happens, they start doing what they love most – dancing. Watching the two jokers exhibit their moves is so awesome and I couldn’t hold back my smile. When the husband thinks he has had enough of the dancing, he turns around and resumes setting everything up on the table.

What this man was never aware of is that his wife had just geared up and there was a big finale waiting. She comes flying towards him since she was not aware that the husband was not anticipating the move. They end up landing on the table and split it into two and the food flies all over the place.

I breathed a sigh of relief at the end when I discovered it was a commercial done by United Healthcare. I ended up laughing so hard!

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