I Can Take This Dog As My Roommate Anytime. When You Discover Why? UNBELIEVABLE!

Everyone will love having a dog like Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier around him or her. He is not one of those dogs who sits and waits for everything to be done for him or her – he knows how to earn whatever that comes his way! Will you believe it if you were told a dog is capable of performing the various chores within a home? You have to meet Jess to believe that!

It’s not surprising to see Jesse washing windows, picking up the trash and throwing it away, loading a dish washer, giving a luxurious back massage to his owner or even help him remove his coat. Are you still shocked? Well, you better not, that’s what makes him unique. As if that’s not enough, he does all chores with a big grin spread all over his face!

When you watch him do all that, you will definitely notice that he enjoys whatever he does. Just like his owner, I’m also proud of him! How I wish I had a dog like Jesse! He is the perfect companion any pet lover could dream of!

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