I Can’t Believe People Would React Like This To A Freezing Child… So Sad!

Most times when some guys try to conduct a social experiment, they find that the positive feedback is overwhelming, especially when people see someone in dire need. However, on this occasion, faith in humanity seemed to wane. It’s baffling!

It happened when some people needed to carry out this important experiment. They needed to gauge how people would react to the sight of a kid in need, so they got a kid from their team and had her stand in the freezing cold on the street. The people’s reaction will break your heart!

They don’t even care! They pass her by and act like they don’t even see her. But there’s a glimmer of hope from someone you would least expect. A homeless man!

While everyone ignored the little one, one homeless man was touched and wanted to help her. He just couldn’t fathom a little girl braving that cold, so he got out his own jacket and gave it to her. He earned quite some points with that!

The team showed up and praised the good man for his big heart. They even gave him some cash for his troubles.

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