I Can’t Believe This Bus Driver Lost His Job For Being Honest. NO!

Something happened in 2013 and people are still mad about it. It’s about John Cook, who was a bus driver working in Haralson County in Georgia. It all started with a Facebook post.

One day, John was going about his day when a kid approached him and told him he was hungry. Apparently, the young one’s school lunch card was 40 cents short of the required amount, and that’s why they didn’t serve him lunch. This revelation ate at John all day, even as he went home and tried to concentrate. He finally decided to take to social media and share the story with the masses.

There was public outcry against the school. How can a school afford to throw away leftovers but not feed a middle school child just because he was 40 cents short?

Everyone was mad about this disgusting policy. However, things didn’t quite go well with John the next day, as he was fired for it. Yes, a driver was fired for being brave enough to out an injustice!

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