I Don’t think I Will Ever Have Enough Of This 1964 Song, It’s Simply Incredible!

Chicago, Illinois is the place where the famous Disturbed band hails from. It is a band which has a large following with most fans yearning to get a chance of watching them do a live performance. When they were doing “Immortalized,” their 2015 album, the band recorded a Simon and Garfunkel classic. Not even them were prepared for the impact it ended up making. Even Paul Simon appreciated their cover and in the process, they made new fans.

Simon was also compelled to share on his Facebook page their performance when they appeared on Conan’s Show. “Wonderful” is the word he used to refer to the performance. The official song together with this performance has been criticized by critics and at the same time applauded by their fans. Frontman, David Draiman appreciates the kind of love that Simon and all the fans across the world have accorded them and promises to do more to make their followers happy.

The clip below features the incredible rendition that was done on Conan’s show and it is simply breathtaking. We believe you will enjoy watching it.

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