I Have Been Wrongly Cooking Steak My Whole Life, And This Is How You Should Do It!

I have always wished to perfetely cook a piece of steak. It is known that different Chefs would use different methods in cooking a piece of steack, but I aguarantee you that this one is the best.

According to the video, FudeHouse suggests to reverse the method, instead of searing each side of the steak in a hot pan and finishing it in the oven. You can simply reverse the order of the process by cooking the steak first then searing it later. The result will give you a more delicious steak. This method will make your piece of steak look better, juicer and more tender.

If you have not yet tried this method before, please do and let us know the result in the comments below. If you have a better way, please share it with us.

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