I Have Never Laughed This Hard Before, Watch This Animal Before The Mirror!

There’s this smart photographer, Xavier Hubert-Brierre. Xavier decided to travel, with his wife, from France to Gabon, Africa, to do something that has now caught everyone’s attention. You want to see this!

You see, some humans will spend so much time admiring themselves in front of a mirror, and that’s perfectly okay since everyone wants to feel good about themselves. Now, what if this kind of mirror were to be introduced to some intelligent animals in an animal reserve? Ready?

That’s exactly the kind of project Xavier was doing in Gabon. They put up a big mirror for the gorillas, chimps, elephants and other animals in the reserve so they could look at themselves too. The results are as hilarious as they’re startling!

Turns out, even these intelligent creatures want to admire themselves, although there were a few scary moments.  Have you watched your pet see themselves in a mirror. What was their first reaction? Check out this clip here and laugh your heart out, and if it makes your day, go ahead and SHARE it with all your buddies on Facebook. Drop us a comment too!

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