I Never Expected This When She Started Pulling The Rubber Band… Real Ingenuity!

I have always loved trying out life hacks that make use of easily available items as they do not force me to go out and buy something. This video provides the perfect example of that. If you have never known rubber bands have up to 10 uses to make our lives easy, watch this video to learn them!

Some of the uses you will learn include:

  • Ensuring glasses, always hug your nose tightly without sliding down
  • Ensuring your spoons, do not fall into the bowl
  • Removing the toughest lids automatically
  • Making sure your cutting board is firmly in position and never slides whenever you’re dicing and slicing
  • Determining the remaining quantity of your paint minus opening it out

And many others!

I never knew rubber bands can be so useful until I watched this video. I liked most of these uses and I’m going to try out most of them. I have had problems doing some of the tasks and after watching this, I’m going to enjoy myself doing them! They are so simple and interesting!

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