I Never Expected This When The Piece Of Steak Was Rubbed With Corn Starch. What A Technique To Learn!

I hope you remember the “Reverse Sear” technique which we learnt sometimes back. It’s also worth to note that there is a number of unique methods of putting your steak preparation skills into test and this is another that assures delicious end results!

It’s hard to come up with a perfect sear minus overcooking the steak. This Test Kitchen’s secret technique is being put across by the America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School and the process is being taught by Bridget Lancaster. Within the technique, Kosher salt and corn starch are combined as the first major step.

As noted by Bridget, drying the steaks before they can be cooked is necessary. Additionally, the boneless strip steak which is well marbled is preferred. With the help of a towel, any existent moisture is blotted away. Then, the steak is coated with a mixture of Kosher salt (two table spoons) and corn start (one table spoon). A dry surface is ensured by this coating.

Watch the entire video to be a master of this recipe!

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