I Saw Her Step Onto The Frozen Lake. What Resulted? So Breathtaking!

One of the winter sports that I love is ice skating. The Swedish people are considered to be lucky as they are not restricted to the indoor skating rink. They have Lake Blanktjärn where they can enjoy natural skating whenever they wish.

The lake is normally covered by clear ice that’s 5-inch thick and thus viewers can see through to its bottom and watch the fish swim. On this day, a couple was accompanied by their dogs when they went out skating.

The wonders of nature can never stop to amaze! This is the first time I’m watching such a breathtaking footage… you will testify that when you watch it out!

Though skaters can always have a great experience while at such frozen lakes, it should be noted that grave dangers also do exist. Staying away from lakes which are frozen is encouraged unless you are pretty sure the freezing has taken place for a long time.  Even those who reside around Lake Blanktjärn are advised to be cautious before they can walk across the Lake.

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