I Saw Him Staple Some Plastic Cups… The End Result? Creativity At Its Best!

With the Easter holidays here with us, we need to decorate our homes to fit the occasion. That means the cheap money saving DIY projects are highly welcomed. Being one of those who love simple and cost effective projects, watching this made me run to the store- you will surely do it once you watch it out. To successfully carry out this project, you require a stapler, some string of lights and some solo cups. The outcome is a perfect party piece which is implemented within a few minutes.

I have always wondered what people think when they come up with these kinds of projects. But all in all, we have to appreciate the advent of the internet since it has made us solve most of our problems. This one is worth solving your decoration needs!

Do you think there is anything which can ever prevent you from implementing this wonderful project? I did it, you too can. So far, I have come up with two similar projects since I watched this video. I also think they also fit to be presented to friends as gifts. What do you think about it?

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