I Thought He Was Simply Playing With The Cat, Then He Slide It Across… The Reason Blew Me Away!

Being clean is part of the human experience; we do it to have our living areas spic and span. Additionally, it is a great way to prevent getting unwanted infections.  The basic way most people go about cleaning is either by sweeping, dusting or mopping.

However, there is nothing as irritating as spending your time cleaning, and once through, you find a spot you missed.   To take care of those situations, I introduce Richars, the ragdollcat. Richars brings you a way of cleaning that ensures you never miss a spot and always get the shine. Moreover, he does it in a way that you wouldn’t think of.

I am often amazed at how innovative we as humans can be with simple things we have at home. In this video, Buttercup and Richard have come up with a really great way to make cleaning our floors more effective. What is astonishing is that they use a kitten to get the job done. It is simply a great way to get the cleaning done and in an enjoyable fashion I might add.

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