I Waited For The Parrot To Say Something, Then This Happened… WOW!

Some people think birds can’t actually match the awesomeness of other pets. These people need to watch this.

In case it escaped you, we at this platform has a heavy obsession for animals, and more so when it involves the relationship between them and humans. It’s okay for canines to carry the title of the man’s faithful friend, though others – like a smart dolphin that rescued a diver – also exhibit their own unique level of human-like qualities.

Over time, humans have trained some animals to communicate by the use of gestures, and when you think of a speaking animal, you think of a parrot. This amazing video shows that parrots not only imitate human sounds, they can also pretty well imitate human actions. Incredible!

The video was posted by a YouTube user going by the name, “AngelEyedBoidan.” In the video, you see Max, an evidently very smart cockatoo, trying out his tricks to get his owner to do what he likes most. Parrots have been known to love some good petting, like some scratching, but what this cute bird does to get it is really breath-taking.

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