I Wonder Whether This Cat Knows Her True Identity. Watch What She Does With The Rottweilers! So Shocking!

We have watched before, videos in which some animals fail to discover their true identity. I always wonder why they fail to do so. That’s what the cat we meet within this video is exactly not realizing.

As pets, cats are known to be the type that mind their own business. They seem to be busy with whatever they are doing and hardly do they get the time to be trained like dogs do. It’s even hard to play with some of them since they seem not to have or quickly lose interest. That fully describes their uniqueness!

Didgeridoo the cat is an exception when it comes to other rules. She always spends time around her Rottweiler sisters. As a matter of fact, phoenix and Lucy consider her to be one of them and never mind being part of the team. Today, their trainer was recapping what he had taught them sometime back so that he can introduce another training.

He starts by ensuring each of them is ready and order them to lie down. They do so expertly and when the next order is said, you can’t resist from smiling. They roll over one after the other in a uniform manner and end up sited uniformly.

Rarely do I come across cats that follow instructions. What about you?

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