If Only We Had More People Like This Teen, See What He Did For A Struggling Old Lady

Old age comes with its fair share of challenges.

In October 2016, one senior woman faced the brunt of old age as she ran her errands.

The 81-year-old woman drove to the Dollar Store in Georgia. She needed a bottle of soda. However, her health issues took the better of her.

The senior woman fell and hurt her back. Being unable to walk, she could not make it to the inside of the store.

It was obvious the old woman was struggling, but nobody seemed to pay any attention. They all walked past her.

However, a 17-year-old decided to help the old woman. The boy had no idea his aunt was recording. Not only did the teenager help the old woman get up, but he also helped her do the shopping and took her back to her car. The teenager was shocked that grown up men blatantly ignored the helpless woman.

We applaud the teen for his selfless act of kindness. We hope others borrow a leaf.

Watch the video to see what happens after the collision. If the boy’s incredible kindness touched you, please SHARE the story on Facebook.

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