If What This Little Boy Did Isn’t Heroic, I Don’t Know What It Is!

We’ve been accustomed to identifying heroes from movies and fairytales, but this one here is as real as life itself. It’s touching too!

Joseph Levi is a 9-year-old boy who hails from Bal harbor, Florida. One day, his mom called him a hero, and you want to know why. You’ll agree!

On this fateful day, his mom was busy preparing the 5 kids for bed when she left their youngest brother on the changing table. Tila Levi had no idea that his son was about to become an instant hero!

At one point, Joseph just looked over at the little kid on the table and broke into an instant, fast run. He got there just in time to spread his arms and catch his baby brother who was about to make a deadly 4-foot fall from the table. Wow!

Tila calls it a miracle. Joseph believes that too, saying that the kid is usually too heavy for him. Joseph is now a hero!

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