If You Thought It Was Any Normal Wooden Box, You’ve Got To Keep On Watching… WOW!

Izzy Swan is one of those that are highly talented when it comes to woodworking. His creativity and skill have enabled him to build a number of weird and unique-looking structures all in differing sizes and shapes that serve different uses. Of the things he has been able to make so far, none amazes me like the folding table you’re about to meet within this video. You instantly recognize how skilled he is when in a span of seconds he’s able to turn what appears like a box to a picnic table with four seats. This is what I call as pure ingenuity which is quite rare to come across.

The amazing picnic table is result of pure engineering. Given that the box that houses the table and the seats only measures 20″x20,” it can fit into the trunk of any average car. How I wish I had one- my picnics will never be the same!

What do you think about Izzy’s invention?  Do you consider it perfect or you still think it has some areas where it has to be improved?

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