If You Want To See The Look Of Real Honor, This Is It. I Had A Hard Fight Holding My Tears!

What do you think of the WWII vets?

Before you ponder over that, you might want to know about something that happened at an airport. You see, at the Regan National Airport in Washington DC, there’s a US Airways wing that loves vets, and this one great video captured by Chris, who posted it on YouTube, is a great demonstration of that.

Chris was at the Airport when some WWII vets were supposed to be arriving. The former military men had boarded an honor flight as they travelled from South Carolina to visit a WWII Memorial in Washington.

What happened at gate 38 when those guys started alighting is something that everyone needs to see. An unexpected crowd, from nowhere, just popped up to welcome the brave men as they made their way down the flying machine and to the ground, one by one. Even the few soldiers present at the time couldn’t help but join in the salute. Everyone stood at attention. You have to love this!

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