If Your Kid Is A “W” Person, You Need To Have Them Stop It. Here’s Why!

As a kid, I used to love sitting in my most comfortable positions, one of which was that W leg shape where I would sit and then twist the legs to the back and on the side of the hips. Looking from above, you would see my legs making a W. My mom had a lot of things against that sitting position, and I really didn’t get the point (although I stopped the W thing after a few arguments) until I bumped into this cool video here.

In this clip, Doctor Claudia Chaloner explains why as a parent, you shouldn’t let your child sit that way. From her explain, you realize that this position has far more repercussions that it appears. In fact, it appears very harmless and comfortable, but that’s before you hear what this medical expert has to say. Sitting like this can affect a child well into their adulthood, and you don’t want that. You’ll never want to see anyone sitting in a W position ever again!

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