If You’ve Never Believed In Miracles – They Are Real. This Is Why!

One day, Wally Nelson opened the door only to be welcomed by what she least expected – a frozen human body was laying in front of her house. Later, the body was identified to be of a 19 years old woman known as Jean Hilliard. The young woman was a victim of  an ice storm which had hit the city.

It was confirmed afterwards that Hilliard had ignored the danger posed by the storm and drove out to visit a friend. She then lost control and the car skidded into a ditch. The temperatures were at negative two degrees and she still thought there was a possibility of making to a nearby friend or someone she knew. That failed to happen because she was unable to control herself and fell down.

Though when she found her, she was completely solid ice, Nelson thought there was still some life in her and took her to the hospital. At the end of her first in the hospital, her arms and hands started defrosting and on the third day, her legs had also defrosted.

The rate at which she had recovered surprised even the doctors. Normally, victims in that situation end up undergoing major amputation – a thing that Hilliard didn’t. She only required 26 weeks of confinement to get better.

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