If You’ve Never Watched The Angels Sing, Now Is A Really Nice Time To Get A Taste Of It. Wow!

When it comes to singing groups, only the best of the best see the limelight, and the fact that this group from Brigham Young University is stirring things up makes you draw a certain conclusion. They must be really good!

In 2003, Esther Yoder was student at this University, and that’s when she formed this group, Noteworthy. You’ll agree that the movies Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 really made the a cappella famous, but you should know that Noteworthy was there before those movies. In fact, this is one of the pioneer all-female groups to break the ranks in this industry. That’s great!

Now, here’s a really great video of these cool ladies taking on a good song, Amazing Grace – My Chains Are Gone. You’ll agree that these voices are truly perfect, almost angelic. The attire is spot on. This is the real kind of a great performance that leaves your jaw hanging.

Just click ‘play’ on this nice video and see for yourself. By the end of this clip, you’ll be itching to comment and SHARE this with everyone on your Facebook friend list!

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