In Japan, Lunchtime Is Not Just Eating Food For Students But… So Surprising!

Do you know what lunchtime is like in Japan? Be ready for a surprise.

The school you are about to see is an elementary one situated in Saitama, Japan. During lunchtime, which is about 45 minutes, they consider it to be like a lesson just like math and others. At lunchtime, the students go to the farm of the school to peel some vegetables that they themselves have grown. Meals are served in class with fellow classmates. After the lunch, the students clean. Everything is programmed well, and turns out to be pure fun. In the clip, we see them having pear sauce, mashed potatoes, five-vegetable soup and fish for lunch. What a healthy and home-cooked meal to have!

The clip was actually meant to show how students enjoy their lunch in Japan, but it has taken all America by storm. The lunch routine has been praised to be very efficient as the students plant the food, eat it and end up cleaning too! One of the comments left on YouTube said that the students were taught to eat healthy foods like fish and others that they actually plant at the school farm. Apart from that, they are being taught to be caring to others by serving them food and cleaning up after the meals at a tender age.

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